Baby Giggles

October 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

When I was pregnant with my son Hudson I wondered how I could love another child as much as I love his brother. People told me it wouldn't be difficult. Now, 8 months later I can't imagine our lives without this this little chunk. I'm amazed at how the love for my children grows with each day, even on days when I'm ready to pull my hair out. Hudson is extremely easy going, loves to climb on anything and anyone, giggles about everything, loves playing with his big brother,  LOVES all food we put in front of him and just loves life. 

As a photographer it's often easy to forget to take pictures of your own family. Often I find that I have to schedule my own photoshoots just to get them done. Here are a few we recently took of Hudson in one of our favorites spots, historical Occooquan. 

Hudson is much larger than his brother was at this age. One of the outfits we dressed him in (yellow pants/blue sweater) was an outfit his brother wore when he was 14 months old. Funny how two brothers can be so different. 




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