Double Excitement

November 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

You may remember the twins, Joshua and Daniel from our photoshoot last fall. The twins just turned 3 and they are more energetic and full of life than ever before. We had the best time photographing them in their backyard. So often it takes a while to get children to warm up to the camera. It helped that we were able to go to them for the photoshoot and work in their own environment. They were so excited to show us their favorite spots around their property. Here are just a few of the twins being cute three-year-olds.  8H0A97178H0A9717 8H0A97438H0A9743 8H0A97458H0A9745 8H0A97558H0A9755 8H0A97648H0A9764 8H0A97798H0A9779 8H0A97988H0A9798 8H0A98048H0A9804



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