February 13, 2015  •  2 Comments


Allow me to introduce you to Jamessin, one blessed little boy.

Jamessin was born into an amazing family who have been praying for him for a couple of years. His Dad is originally from Sierra Leone and you'll notice that his heritage was incorporated into some of the pictures we took. The fabric that Jamessin was swaddled in was used in his parents wedding. Throughout the photoshoot we used many important family props. 

Jamessin was named after his two grandfathers. His name is a combination of their two names. 



Jamessin is swaddled in fabric that his parents used in their wedding. 


Again, here's the fabric that Jamessin's parents used in their wedding ceremony, a long with the tie his dad wore and hair bow his mom wore. Also, in the middle of the picture is the unity sand they combined in their ceremony.



The motorcycle in the picture belonged to Jamessin's grandfather, who sadly passed away before he was born. He would have loved this little guy.