Newborn Mason

March 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Meet baby Mason!

Mason has to be one of the most laid back babies I've ever met. We first introduced you to his Dad and Mom when I blogged their maternity pictures. We've photographed so many newborns (including my own) and Mason has to be the easiest of all of them. He allowed us to prop him up for pictures and actually stayed in place where we posed him. If all of our newborns were that easy taking newborn pictures would be a piece of cake. 

Mason brought not only his Dad and Mom to the photoshoot, but his grandparents, Craig and Patty. You can tell Mason already has his family wrapped around his little finger 

We had such a hard time selecting our favorites pictures of Mason. Here are just a few. 

Welcome to the world Mason!! We look forward to getting to know you and taking many more pictures in the days and years to come. 


Mason with his Mom and proud grandparents 

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Nothing better than seeing grandparents with their grandchildren. 

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Steph and I couldn't pass up having a picture taken of us with our two boys!! Our lives have a changed a little since we first met over a decade ago.