Steph's Baby Bump

March 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Meet Stephanie and Won! I've known Steph for over a decade. We were first introduced to one another at work when I was assigned to help her transition smoothly into our company. Over the years she's become an amazing friend. It's such an incredible blessing to be raising our children at the same time and hopefully learning from one another as we travel down the road of motherhood together. 

 When Steph contacted me about taking her belly pictures and newborn pictures of her beautiful baby I was overjoyed. Steph and Won are so layed back, which made for such a relaxed photoshoot.  We had a great time photographing them. Won and Steph are already amazing parents!

Congratulations Steph and Won!! 

Be on the looking for pictures of baby Mason!!! 

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